Enagic / Kangen Water Ionizer machines produce high antioxidant and high negative ORP water which reduces oxidative stress in the body and assists the body heal itself and get healthier.

Kangen also produces UKON Sigma Turmeric supplememts which harness the amazing benefits of Curcumin, the primary active ingredient in Turmeric and added essential opils and minerals is wrapped in a patented natural capsule to deliver maximum benefit.

Doctor Michael explains how water is absorbed into cells, how a measure of ORP identifies which machines are delivering the ultimate health and wellbeing benefit and why his daughter recovered from a serious life threatening illness with the Enagic machine as opposed to other alkaline water or ioniser units.

The level of ORP – Oxidative Reduction Potential is a measure of the ability of anything to reduce the Oxidative Stress on the body and allow the body to remain healthy. Here Doctor Michael explains how to calculate the ORP and compares models from Enagic available in 2018.
If you are looking at helping your body to either get healthy or to prevent illness, check these calculations on any machine you are thinking of buying or using.

Dr Michael explains his research and findings comparing various machines and identifies the strengths which the Enagic units deliver. His personal description of how his daughter was rescued by the Enagic machine even though he had tried several machines.

Have a look at this video which explains the Electrolysed Reduced Water and shows the ERP effect of Kangen water compared to other bought and “healthy” products.

To show the hydrogen in the water which delivers the high level of anti-oxidants along with the ORP as above, watch Dr Michael “BURN WATER” – rather burn the hydrogen and oxygen released from the electrolysis process within the SD501 he shows. Watch and be amazed. I have tried this and it works.

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