WasteAway LogoYou can make big savings by choosing WasteAway rather than comparable Groundfos or Stuart Turner models offered by other dealers.

While there are savings on price, there are no cutbacks on quality or reliability. All WasteAway units are fully compliant with all relevant standards and legislation for the UK and Ireland.

You also have the reassurance of a two-year guarantee, on the off-chance that anything should go wrong.

WasteAway: Making the ‘impossible’ possible

With the correct choice from the WasteAway range, you can install new facilities in your home or commercial premises, that would be impossible with conventional plumbing. Possibilities include:

  • Install a toilet or shower under the stairs
  • Install a new washing machine or dishwasher in your kitchen or utility room
  • Convert any room into a new loo, shower room, or bathroom
  • Convert a walk-in wardrobe into an en-suite

Commercial WasteAway applications include providing improved facilities for food processors, accommodation providers, or any large-scale facility for commercial or public use.

Guide to choosing the appropriate WasteAway unit

Product NameAlternative to
WasteAway 100Saniflo, Saniflo Up, Grundfos Sololift2 WC-1, Stuart Turner Wasteflow WC1
WasteAway 250Sanishower, Grundfos Sololift2 D-2, Stuart Turner Wasteflow WC3
WasteAway 400Saniflo, Saniflo Up, Sanitop Up, Sanipro Up, Saniplus Up, Stuart Turner Wasteflow WC2, Stuart Turner Wasteflow WC3
WasteAway 400ASanipack, Sanipack Pro Up, Grundfos Sololift2 CWC3, Stuart Turner Wasteflow WC4C
WasteAway 600Saniplus Up
WasteAway 800Sanibest Pro, Sanispeed, Grundfos Sololift2 CW3

Popular WasteAway Macerator Pumps include

Simply contact us if you need further advice on choosing the best WasteAway unit for your needs.