SANIFLO Saniwall Review

Saniflo Saniwall Review

In 1917, French artist, Marcel Duchamp, gave the world what is probably his most famous work of art: Fountain. This was simply a urinal with his signature on it. Most people would protest at the idea of a urinal being a work of art but it does raise the interesting question: can a urinal or even a toilet be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional? Can we ever consider it to be beautiful?

The Saniwall system allows for a toilet to be stylish by simply being concealed. This is true especially of a wall hung toilet. Invest in a Saniwall system and your toilet will be one that Marcel Duchamp would be proud of!

Saniwall is a unique frame system that is ideal for suspended WCs but can be used with virtually any toilet. One of the main features is its dual flush cistern. This is like an ordinary flush toilet only it uses two buttons instead of one, to flush different levels of water. One button is for flushing liquid waste and the other is for flushing solid waste. The different water levels mean that the dual flush system is good for saving water. That is why it is standard in Australia, Israel and Singapore, countries where water conservation is important. The dual flush system outputs water in both 3 litre and 6 litre capacities.

The Saniwall is especially suited to suspended, or wall hung, toilets. The wall hung toilet is ideal for saving space as there is no base. They are a great addition to a home that has a small bathroom. And they contribute to making a stylish bathroom by concealing water outlets and other eye sores. Wall hung toilets are also easy to clean as they are not attached to the floor. You can mop the area around and underneath the toilet with ease – no bending down. Also, the fact that it is such a simple design and that everything is concealed except the bowl makes cleaning swift and easy.

The Saniwall system also includes three extra inlets to take waste water from other sanitary ware such as a shower, wash basin or bidet. This enables the installation of a shower room in areas where gravity fed plumbing is difficult to install.

The Saniwall pump can move waste up to five metres vertically and 100 metres horizontally. This macerator is ideal for places where the water pressure is low or where the toilet is to be fitted below the sewer drain pipe.

Adjustable feet also allow for changing the height of the bowl, which is important for comfort.

Also included with the product are a chrome flush plate – where the two flush buttons are fitted – a stopcock and a float valve.

To conclude, Saniwall is a powerful alternative to a regular macerator. Used in conjunction with a suspended WC it can make cleaning so much easier and, if you are house proud, can make a big difference to the stylishness and aesthetics of your bathroom. It is also versatile and, like all SANIFLO products, perfectly safe.